About ADSticker Australia

We are part of a professional printing network that supplies Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany and 15 other countries with the highest quality stickers and labels. We would like to be your printing partner with our cutting-edge technology and know-how from more than a decade experience.

We use a variety of technique to print stickers including silkscreen, offset and digital and guide to customer properly to create the best product according to purpose. Also, customer can experience the special service of ADSticker, fast and accurate feedback through live chat, email and phone.

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AThe Best Quality and the Best Price!


ADSticker always pursues to produce the best quality sticker with the best price to fulfil the customer’s satisfaction.
ADSticker has created a high standard of printing sticker industry with distinct knowledge accumulated from 10 years of experience.
As well as its fine quality, customers can experience a variety of qualified stickers with the best value.
Our product consists of wide range of option, UV coating, strong adhesive, Kraft paper, art paper, silver paper, gold paper, PVC, transparent paper and others to fill the customer’s needs.

BThe Best Service!


Our customer service team, as well as a technician, is an expert in print technique and material, lead to the right product to customer. There are several ways to reach us. Customers can get direct response via live chat, email or phone. Email responds within 24hr. Also, customers can get the best quality customized stickers with only simple few clicks on our easy online order system. Also, Instant quote system makes customer order much easier. To release customer’s concern and for fast turnaround, ADSticker offers the free monitor proofing service. Customers can easily check their order process on our website along with delivery tracking system. Also, for the safe delivery, we carefully wrap it with bubble cap and right sized box.

COnly at ADStickers!


ADSticker always studies and invest in producing for the best sticker.
ADSticker cut the back-liner so customers can peel off the sticker easily. Also, experience the effect of back side print that can enjoy the dual effect of attracting people and offering information.
We provide the hole punching that allows customers to use for various purposes as a price tag, name tag and etc. Also, experience high standard of ADSticker’s white ink print, foil and embossed sticker.
If you have any comments, enquiries or feedbacks, please do not hesitate to contact us. ADSticker always love to hear from customers.